Teaching Methodology 
CAT Coaching: Unleashing Your Potential



A.  Classroom Coaching for CAT at Kanpur City:

1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage:

In-depth exploration of the entire CAT syllabus, ensuring a thorough understanding of each topic.

2. Theoretical Mastery:

Rigorous theoretical coverage of every subject, providing a strong foundation for advanced concepts.

3. Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts and Tricks:

Unmatched shortcuts and tricks for mastering Quantitative Aptitude, with a special emphasis on Geometry and Algebra.


4. Focus on Logical DI and Latest LR&DI Patterns:

Specialized attention to logical Data Interpretation and the latest patterns in Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation.

5. Mathematical Approach to RCs:

Adopting a mathematical approach to tackle Reading Comprehension at any difficulty level.


6. Regular Practice Assignments:

Daily assignments for efficient practice, reinforcing classroom learning.

7. Topic Tests and Sectional Tests:

Periodic tests to evaluate understanding, boost confidence, and identify areas for improvement.

8. Full-length Mock Tests:

Online mock tests for CAT and other exams like XAT, NMAT, SNAP, CMAT, replicating real exam conditions.

9. Motivational Sessions:

Regular motivational sessions to ensure students stay confident and motivated throughout their preparation journey.

10. Current Affairs Focus:

Daily and monthly updates on General Knowledge, keeping students abreast of current affairs.

11. Personalized Attention:

Guarantee of personal attention to each student, fostering a conducive learning environment.


B.  Online Live Classes for CAT: 


1. Virtual Classroom Access:

Attend live classes from the comfort of your home with access to the virtual whiteboard.


2. Doubt Resolution Sessions:

Live doubt resolution sessions, enabling students to seek clarification remotely.


3. Digital Assignments:

All class assignments conveniently accessible through the Student Information System (SIS) account.

4. Comprehensive Online Testing:

Online topic tests, sectional tests, and full-length mock tests for continuous assessment.


5. Interactive Live Classes:

Over 100 interactive live classes, fostering real-time engagement and participation.


6. Experienced Faculty:

More than 25 years of teaching experience specifically catering to CAT aspirants.

7. Shortcut Mastery:

Unparalleled shortcuts and tricks, particularly in Quantitative Aptitude, Geometry, and Algebra.

8. Adaptive Learning:

Tailored focus on the latest LR&DI patterns and a mathematical approach to RCs.

9. Extensive Resources:

Over 100 interactive classroom sessions, pre-recorded classes, and more than 10,000 practice questions.

10. Holistic Preparation:

Revision classes, W.A.T., G.D., and P.I. preparation, ensuring comprehensive readiness.

11. Continuous Support:

24x7 faculty support through social media platforms, ensuring constant guidance and assistance.


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