Online/Offline Coaching Programme for

1. IPM-AT For IIM INDORE , IIM Ranchi & IIFT Kakinada.
2. IPM-AT For IIM Rohtak
3. JIPMAT For ( IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu )

 Batch Starting :  IPM-AT 2023/ JIPMAT 2023    On Every Tuesday of Week 2022
 Batch Starting :  IPM-AT 2024/ JIPMAT 2024   On Every Monday Wednesday Friday of week2022


S.N. Course Name For IPM-AT & JIPMAT Ideal for
1 (FOCUS) -  Online / Class Room Coaching Programme Regular programme only for 12th passed students
2 (SARANG)- Online / Class Room Coaching Programme 1 Year programme ideal for 12 th appearing students
3 (VIJAYA) / Class Room Coaching Progrrame 2 Year programme ideal for 11th class students
4 (PINAKA)- Short term Programme  45 Days programme after 12 board exams



Course Name

Online / Class Room 
Short Term Programme


Online/ Class Room Programme 

Online / Class Room Programme
Ideal for  12th passed 12th appearing/12th passed 11th class students  12th appearing students
Duration 1 Year long 45 days programme  2 years long 1 year long
First year

Thrice a week including Sunday 90 minutes each session
(Class room coaching will remain off in Feb and March for school final exam but 
Online classes will remain on )

Summer Vacation class Summer Vacation class after 11 final Exam thrice a week 120 minutes each session
6 days in a week,
3 hours daily.
6 days in a week, 4 to 6 hours daily Second year Thrice a week including Sunday, 120 Min.. Each session Thrice a week including Sunday 120 Minutes each session.
(Classes will remain off in Feb and March for school final exam)
After 12th board Exam 6 days in a week till IPM-AT in May month After 12th board Exam 6 days in a week till IPM-AT in May month



1. Unique Training programme (from strong fundamental to extreme challenging difficulty level) 
2.Extensive classes
3. Reference material and class room material (18 volumes of books)
4. Eminent faculty
5. Chapter wise class tests (includes paper pencil tests and computer based tests) 
6. Section wise class tests ( includes paper pencil tests and computer based tests ) 
7. Proctored Mock Tests (computer based test in house lab)
8. Digital classes
9. A/c classes
10.Unparallel Computer Lab
11. Exam. Guidance { personal counselling on application form filling, individual guidance on admission, regular updates on Exam. notifications.

Online Coaching: 

1.Access white board of class room from home. 
2.Raise doubts from home and Doubt Discussion live session.
3.All class assignments daily in your SIS account of zenith Academy.
4.Assignments in pdf mode.
5.Reference material in pdf and Video lecture mode.

6. ONLINE Topic Tests, ONLINE Sectional Tests, ONLINE Mock Tests.
7. 3 days in a week, each session of 2 hours live class .
8. After board Exam daily 5 hrs classes.
9. Jan & Feb break ( for Board preparation)
10. Evening Class schedule for 12th appearing students after 3 p.m. (after your school timing.)

{Always a motivational factor in your life}

Online / Class room plan for IPM-AT  & JIPMAT       

1.Quants concept classes 
2.Vocab classes 
3.Verbal ability classes
4.Reasoning classes

5.Concept classes of Data Interpretations.
6.Quant section classes with same difficulty level of IPM-AT  Pattern
7.English Section classes with same difficulty level of IPM-AT pattern

8.Quant Section Tests 100
9.English Section Tests 50

10.Discussion of old year’s real IPM-AT questions 
11.Past year paper’s analysis
50 Mock Tests individual time modelled tests based on IPM pattern .

After written test     
1. PI and WAT training classes. 

Volume of books for IPM AT & JIPMAT      

1.Quantitative reference book QA1
2.Quantitative reference book QA2
3.Quantitative reference book QA3
4.Geomtry reference book ( ALL in O

5.Quants Arithmetic Chapter’s Exercise book CB 1 and CB 2 book
6.Quants Algebra Chapter’s Exercise book variety book
7.Quants section Objective Exercise book volume 1
8.Quants section Objective Exercise book volume 2
9.Quants section Objective Exercise book volume 3

10. Grammar book 1
12. Grammar book 2
13. Word List
14.Verbal Ability {TOQ} 
15.Reading comprehension book{ How totackle}
16.Reading comprehension Exercise book 1
17.Vocab Exercise book 1
18.Verbal ability Exercise book 1

How to Enroll:

Step 1: Click on Register. [A registration form will open. Fill all details including your email id and mobile number within 24 hours our admin will send you password to login on zenith Academy site.
Step 2 : Log in with your e.mail id and received password.
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i). Batch starting date and timings of your opted Coaching programme.
ii). All fees detail of your opted Coaching programme
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